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How do dental care costs in Quebec compare to those in other Canadian provinces?

A comparison of fee guides from the Canadian provinces that have them reveals that Quebecers pay less than elsewhere in Canada for the most common treatments:

Procedure Quebec Elsewhere in Canada
Full examination $77 to $1261 Up to $1332
Emergency examination $38 Up to $133
Restoration (filling), molar, 1 surface, amalgam (grey) $74 Up to $130
Restoration (filling), molar, 1 surface, composite (white) $128 Up to $169
Simple extraction (one tooth) $111 Up to $1413
Complex extraction (e.g. wisdom tooth) $180 to $385 Up to $5003

1. Intraoral x-rays included.
2. Intraoral x-rays not included.
3. Only one province suggests a lower fee than Quebec.

N.B.: These rates are based on the 2017 ACDQ Fee Guide.