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RAMQ Lump-Sum Reimbursements | Details on the use of the RAND formula

September 26th, 2023

If you recently received a lump-sum payment from the RAMQ as part of the 2015-2023 Agreement renewal between ACDQ and MSSS, you may have noticed that an amount for the RAND formula has also been deducted from it. However, depending on the status of your contributions during the years covered by the Agreement, this amount may have been deducted in excess, with the result that some of you may receive a refund of this amount.

Please note that the ACDQ is already aware of this situation, so there is no need to call us at this time, as we do not currently have the information to reply adequately.

At this time, we are waiting for the RAMQ to provide us with a report on union deductions using the Rand formula before we can analyze any amounts withheld from your fees following lump-sum payments by the RAMQ. We should receive this report by the end of October.

If you are entitled to a refund of certain deducted amounts, the refund will occur as soon as possible. We will send you a communication when refund processing begins.

In closing, we would like to remind you that this assessment will consider the years for which a retroactive amount was paid to you, as well as the status of your ACDQ dues for those years.

Benoit Desrosiers, DMD, MBA
Executive Director


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