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Message to members | Implementation of the electronic transmission of attachments (transaction 09) for Réseau ACDQ subscribers

April 3rd, 2023

The migration to ACDQ Express was completed on March 20, so the ACDQ can now proceed with implementing the electronic transmission of attachments (transaction 09) for Réseau ACDQ subscribers.

What is “transaction 09”?
The electronic transmission of an attachment is a function that allows you to transmit one or more attachments required by the insurer. This option now allows dental clinics to upload a patient’s documents such as X-rays, or any additional treatment documentation.

When possible, the electronic transmission occurs in two steps: the first is to send the claim or the treatment plan, and the second is to send the attachment(s) for additional information. This new feature primarily reduces delays and errors associated with postal handling.

Many insurers already allow this type of electronic transmission:

• Canada Life
• La Capital/Beneva
• Desjardins Insurance
• AGA Financial Group
• UV Insurance

The list of insurers will continue to grow until all insurers and software providers have implemented this feature. You can consult the updated list on the home page of our website, in the “Réseau ACDQ” section.

What about software providers?
Since this feature is relatively new and optional, not all providers offer this feature. To find out if your software already offers such a function, contact your supplier. As early as January 2023, the ACDQ notified all of them that the Réseau ACDQ would be able to accept attachment’s transmission beginning in March.

If you have any questions regarding the electronic transmission of attachments (transaction 09), please contact Elise Soucy, Réseau ACDQ Coordinator, at 514 282-1425 or 1 800 361-3794, ext. 477.

Benoit Desrosiers, DMD, MBA
Executive Director


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