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New Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) number for a portion of GroupHEALTH clients

To all software providers: Effective November 1, some patients insured by GroupHEALTH will be covered under a new EDI number: 000125. Other patients will remain (...)

Réseau ACDQ – New dental carrier ID for RBC Insurance: 000124

This news is intended to Réseau ACDQ subscribers and Dental software vendors. Effective October 25, 2016, RBC Insurance will use it’s own carrier ID 000124 instead (...)

Electronic Transmission

What is electronic transmission?

Electronic transmission lets you send your patients’ dental insurance claims to insurers over the Internet rather than by modem or (...)

Seven good reasons to choose Net+ ACDQ

Save time and money! Send several insurance claims simultaneously and free up your telephone lines. Make your life easier and (...)

What should I do to send claims electronically to insurers?

Step 1: Register with Réseau ACDQMD Each dentist must register with Réseau ACDQMD for each office where he or she (...)