Mont-Royal – 7220

For sale: P&C Coachman II dental chair with P&C AC unit (spittoon included) and Adec 1601 Dr stool. $1,940 or best offer. (...)

Montreal – 7318

For sale: 2 polymerizing lamps; 1 bleaching laser zoom; 1 RAMVAC CustomAir compressor cover (to reduce noise); suspended computer arm; alginate electric mixer. Negotiable prices. (...)

Laval – 7832

Navy-coloured A-dec dental chair for sale, 1040 Cascade model. Always properly maintained, very clean and works very well. Electric motor installed on the chair is (...)

Mont-Royal – 6535

For sale dental equipment, in good condition. • SiemensS5 dental chair, $1,300 • Dr. stool, $200 (...)

Montreal – 7822

2009 Planmeca Promax 2D for sale. Sold as is, no warranty. Buyer pays for installation and transportation. The unit will be disassembled by professionals (...)

Montreal – 7819

Whipmix 4000 articulator including ALL parts and pieces as well as carrying case -Purchased in 2013  -Barely used (only for dental school)  -No missing pieces (...)
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