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Dentist - Montreal

March 28th, 2024
Job offer
DescriptionFull-time position available starting May 2024. Group practice, full clientele and full schedule. Emphasis on clinical excellence, customer experience and values of integrity, transparency and efficiency. Ideal working conditions, access to the tools and materials needed to do excellent work. The clinic is equipped with digital radiology and records. Continuing education and mutual support are at the heart of our practice: we offer coaching in prosthetic and surgical implants, endodontics (for molars, under the microscope), as well as PFP (planning, rehabilitation, occlusion and TMJ). We also have our own weekly study circle to help our dentists improve. Requirements: 2 years' experience as a dentist or multidisciplinary residency. Visit our website for more information:, then contact us.
CategoryJob offers - Dentist

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