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Oral Health Month

As key members of our communities

The campaign’s theme “As key members of our communities”, which conveys that dentists are rooted in their environment, aims to shed light on their essential role in the various communities and causes they serve, from patients, children and hospitals to the public health system, the Far North and the Auberges du cœur.

The dentists and their team are also part of your well-being.

Your dentist is trained to identify more than 200 diseases and conditions that can affect your mouth.

Regular dental exams allow your dentist to prevent problems or detect them at an early stage, when they are much easier to treat. Your dentist is trained to identify more than 200 diseases and conditions that can affect your mouth.

Prevention through dental exams

Contrary to what you might think, just because your mouth looks healthy doesn't mean it is. You could have a cavity or gum disease, for example, without knowing it. But an oral exam can detect problems early - before you can see or feel them - when they are much less complicated to treat.


Throughout the month of April, we will be posting oral health-related tiles on the ACDQ Facebook page (in French) that feature advice from dentists in response to certain myths, popular beliefs or home remedies.


The C'est bon de savoir spot on the Salut Bonjour program (in French) allows us to highlight other aspects of the dental profession: their involvement in their community and their sense of innovation, to name a few.

To add to the impact of our media mix, here is our radio ad which is regularly broadcast on Cogeco stations (in French). It captures the essence of our positioning; community-based.


Press review

The humorous approach we took with our prank on April 1 (in French) was successful in drawing positive media attention. Dr. Tremblay received many interview requests, which gave him an opportunity to repeat the basic principles of good oral health and position dentists in their special role as the only professionals who can provide an oral health diagnosis.

Listen to the main interviews (in French) he gave on that day:


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