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The Contact Point is online !

Read it now! (...)

Communiqué 424 – Conscious sedation survey

After the first day of the arbitration hearing, which took place on September 1, the arbitrator decided that he will hear the case. Therefore, the (...)

New Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) number for a portion of GroupHEALTH clients

To all dentists who treat patients insured by GroupHEALTH: Effective November 1, some patients insured by GroupHEALTH will be covered under a new EDI number: (...)

Communiqué 423-New Canadian tax rules-Dentists oppose them! Tell your MP!

The ACDQ recommends that its members form a common front against Minister Bill Morneau’s proposed tax changes concerning private corporations, due to their substantial impacts (...)

Communiqué 422-Telus postpones the end of telephone modem service to December 15, 2107-Suscribe to Net+ ACDQ!-

Telus Health, which administers the insurers’ telecommunication network, announced that it would stop providing telephone modem service as of December 15 instead of September 30 (...)

Communiqué 421-3rd video of testimonials from dentists who have stopped the assignment of benefits

Nine dentists from different regions of Quebec agreed to share their experience in stopping the assignment of benefits in three short videos filmed at the (...)
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