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Dental practice management solution

With the goal of offering dentists a durable, high-performance computerized management solution adapted to their needs at the best possible price, the ACDQ created Progident in 2004. In doing so, it wanted to encourage the computerization of dental offices and optimize office management for owner dentists.

By continuously developing its management solution in step with the needs of its clientele, Progident has evolved into the largest dental management software firm in Quebec. Today, it has a clientele of nearly 750 dental offices and 1,700 dentists.

Some of the features of the Progident management solution:

Clinic management: Electronic (paperless) management of patient records and profiles, documentation, odontograms, digital imaging. Management of schedules and appointments, treatment plans and insurer billing, Web interfaces and internal and external communications.
Financial management: Accounting management integrated with the clinical component. Financial statements and management indicators by professional, budgets and revenue tracking by treatment category. Payroll with deposits by telecommunication. Bank conciliation, purchasing management and cheques for suppliers.

Not only does Progident meet basic dental practice requirements, it also has a platform that offers high-level features for large offices.

Any computerization project can be adapted to the client’s budget, thanks to the modular structure of Progident software, which can be installed on a local work station or a network running on the Windows platform. To maximize the benefits to the client, the cost of the Progident solution is based on a “user-payer” formula, which is calculated according to the modules used and the number of users who run the software simultaneously.

To ensure successful computerization and client satisfaction, Progident has a team of professional installation specialists who install and configure the software and provide training to users. As for customer service, it is provided by an in-house team of seasoned advisors. After an initial six-month period of free support, we offer a complete service plan whose cost depends on the level of the client’s computerization.

For more information, visit our website at or call 1 800 650‑0143, extension 240.

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