On Wednesday August 7, we will begin calling all of our members’ dental offices to get a clear picture with respect to stopping the assignment of benefits.

This call blitz is intended as a follow-up to the information and training sessions that we have held across Quebec since 2018 and the surveys that we have carried out afterward.

Our goal is to obtain the answer to the following question:

Usually, at your office, do privately insured patients pay the total amount for their care and wait for their reimbursement
only the portion not covered by their insurance, and the dentist wait to be reimbursed by the insurer (excluding Dentaide transactions)?

The information we gather from these calls will allow us to optimize our actions aimed at countering insurers’ attempts to interfere in the dentist-patient relationship.

We thank you in advance for informing your personnel (receptionists or coordinators) that the ACDQ will be calling them soon and that the call will take only a few minutes of their time.

Serge Langlois, DDS