The RAMQ’s newsletter of April 2, 2019 (in French) discusses changes made in 2017 to the Act respecting Health Services and Social Services.

More specifically, we note that the duration of the appointments and renewals of privileges differs from what is provided for in the 2010-2015 Agreement between the Ministère de la Santé et des Services Sociaux (MSSS) and the ACDQ respecting Health Insurance.

The ACDQ believes that the charges reported in the newsletter do not comply with sections 10.07, 31.01 and 31.03 of the Agreement (in French).


The Agreement


RAMQ newsletter /AHSS
Duration Duration


Maximum 3 years


18 to 24 months
Renewal Minimum 2 years unless dentists request a renewal for a shorter period of time

Minimum 1 year and

Maximum 3 years

Therefore, make sure that your appointment or your renewal complies with the period of time provided for in the Agreement. If that is not the case, please e-mail our Legal Services Department at [email protected] so that we can take the appropriate steps.

Serge Langlois, DDS