As you know, in the spring of 2017, the ACDQ initiated an arbitration proceeding concerning conscious sedation.

One year later, more specifically on September 28, 2018, a well-documented, 29-page decision (in French) confirms that conscious sedation is a standalone service that is excluded from the limited coverage of the public dental plan. Therefore, the stipulation that insured persons may not be charged accessory costs provided in section 22 of the Health Insurance Act does not apply to conscious sedation, even when it is used in the provision of insured services.


Dentists may resume charging their patients for costs related to conscious sedation.

If you are one of the dentists who used conscious sedation without charging your patients for it starting on January 26, 2017 (the date on which the regulation abolishing accessory costs came into force), you may ask these patients to reimburse you, provided you had informed them that you would wait for the tribunal to issue its decision before charging them for this care.


In theory, the MSSS may apply for a review of the decision by no later than October 29, 2018.
The ACDQ continues to fulfill its mission and defend your collective rights.

Serge Langlois, DDS