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Commission Dentist - Full time

September 15th, 2022
Job offer
DescriptionYou will be taking over the client base of an excellent generalist with 12 years of experience, who is going on maternity leave for 6 months, from January to June 2023, and then continuing with our team long term. We are a group practice. Each dentist has his or her own clientele and the focus is on clinical excellence, patient experience and the values of integrity, transparency and efficiency. Ideal working conditions and access to the tools and materials needed to do a great job. The clinic is equipped with an operating microscope, 3shape, Cad-Cam, Straumann guided and unguided implant system, radiology and digital records, CBCT. Continuing education and mutual support are at the heart of our team of dentists and we offer coaching in prosthetic and surgical implants, endodontics (for molars, under the microscope), as well as in PPF (planning, rehabilitation, occlusion). In the same vein, we have our own weekly study circle to promote the improvement of our dentists. Two years of experience as a dentist or a multidisciplinary residency is required. We invite you to visit our website for more information: or contact us directly.
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