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Dental Hygienist - Sherbrooke

June 16th, 2021
Job offer
DescriptionCentre Dentaire Beauchemin - Dubé has a new administration as of January 2021. Dr. Caroline Bélanger has brought the clinic up to date (digital radiography, digital file, intra-oral camera, new cavitron and piezon and more). Patient retention/understanding has been a very strong focus during the recent changes. We are currently looking for a dental hygienist to join us in this amazing project. Looking for a hard-working and smiling person. We have a very specific philosophy of practice. Team spirit is one of our most important values. Dr. Bélanger also cares about the happiness of her employees. Here are the details: * Monday 8am-5pm, Tuesday 11am-7pm, Wednesday 8am-5pm and Thursday 8am-5pm. Yeah, a night that ends at 7pm and Fridays off! * Room assigned to each hygienist * Possibility to diversify: emergency, DO (FDA, sealant, incisal, buccal, etc.), orthodontics, parodontics, whitening, etc. (as preferred); obviously these procedures are by dentist's prescription. * Benefits (paid vacation, paid uniforms, covered care for employees and immediate family, amount offered for physical activity, paid personalized training (hours and training) and much more!) Thank you for considering our offer. Have a great summer!
CategoryJob offers - Dental staff