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Items for sale

September 7th, 2023
For sale
DescriptionList of dental office equipment for sale. All very clean and in excellent condition. 19. Metal file cabinet 36 x 65 x 18 inches: $100. 20. Copeland Copelametic compressor: $400 21. Soltamex amalgam filter: $200 22. Vac Star suction machine: $800 23. Wooden storage units for model box, each at : $200 24. Pelton & Crane "Chairman" armchair with Aydec international unit and two stools: $2,800 25. Siemens track lamp: $300 26. New clinic operating cabinet: $1,500 27. New Clinic sterilization cabinet: $2,000 28. Midmark UltraClave M9 sterilizer: $4,000 29. Three stools, each at : $150
TownSaint-Augustin-de Desmaures

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