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Net+ ACDQ (SSD), a secure private network developed by and for dentists, is managed by the Société de services dentaires (ACDQ) Inc., a subsidiary of the ACDQ. Net+ ACDQ allows you to integrate new technologies into your office via a Web portal and send claims securely over the Internet.


  • Transmission over the Internet — Save time and money! Send several insurance claims at the same time while freeing up your telephone lines.
  • More patients thanks to the Web! — Increase your number of patients by creating and registering a Web page on, the ultimate online directory. Do you already have a website? Increase your chances of showing up on the first page of search engine results.
  • Direct deposits — Make your life easier and save! Receive your Dentaide payments directly in your bank account and save on the Dentaide administrative fee.
  • Directory of prescription drugs and drug interactions — Modernize your office! Use the online directory, which is updated every month, to search for prescription drugs and find out about drug interactions that could affect your patients.
  • Greater security — Enjoy peace of mind. We monitor the network 24/7, 365 days a year to detect any attempted intrusions. Work at home. Thanks to the secure VPN network, you can take care of administrative and accounting tasks remotely, as if you were in the office. Improve the client experience. Offer Wi-Fi in your office and waiting room and control access to it. Send and receive secure e-mails. Manage your staff members’ Internet access.