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Dentaide is a service offered by the Société de services dentaires (ACDQ) Inc., a subsidiary of the ACDQ, to all Quebec dentists. Since 1984, Dentaide has managed the only system that pays dental insurance benefits directly to dentists in a way that respects their professional autonomy and freedom of practice. It also provides a greater number of patients with easier access to dental care by removing the fee barrier.

Furthermore, Dentaide provides bundled and guaranteed payments of the insured portion of dental care. Why wait for your cheques? Direct deposit is faster and more reliable. When you use this service, you benefit from a reduced Dentaide administrative fee. It’s free, fast, efficient, secure and environmentally friendly.

Did you know that most ADCQ members have joined Dentaide?


  • Bundled and guaranteed payments of the insured portion of care — Dentaide is the only system in the field of private dental insurance that guarantees payments to dentists. Claims are processed in real time and certified by a confirmation number from the participating insurer. Participating dentists receive two cheques per month that consolidate the payment of all claims. In addition, participating dentists who also subscribe to Net+ ACDQ can take advantage of direct deposit. This service is simple, practical, secure, environmentally friendly and free of charge.
  • One agreement, one procedure — Nearly 90% of ADCQ members have joined Dentaide. This makes it easier to represent them with participating insurers since Dentaide has the same agreement with all of its participating insurers, thus ensuring consistency when it comes to administrative formalities.
  • A single point of contact for participating dentists — Moving? Changing offices? Need the list of participating insurers? Want to cancel or correct a claim? There’s just one number to call: Dentaide’s number.
  • Your intermediary — In the event of a dispute, Dentaide’s dental consultant acts as an intermediary between participating dentists and insurers, takes charge of the case and remains fully impartial.

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