The ACDQ wants to encourage and support the involvement of dentists in humanitarian activities in their community. That is why it is calling on them to provide free care to Auberges du cœur residents, who are youth without any access to public or private dental care as a result of their living conditions.

The Auberges du cœur are community organizations that provide accommodation to troubled youth aged 12 to 30. Twenty-nine hostels are located in 10 different regions of Quebec and offer a place to stay and assistance from qualified personnel 365 days a year. In addition to receiving food and board, youth are initiated in managing daily life, receive citizenship training, prepare for their return to family life or to live in their own home, are given information, orientation and referrals, and participate in activities designed to encourage them to go back to school or get a job. For over 40 years, these youth hostels have helped rebuild lives. But to do so, they need generous donors.

Kit for participating dentists