Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of members is sovereign and holds all powers granted by law to the Association within the scope of its bylaws.

Board of Directors [Composition]

The Board of Directors of the ACDQ is made up of the chairman and 20 directors elected by members of their region or electoral district. It runs the business of the Association according to the resolutions adopted by the Annual General Meeting and the powers conferred by the bylaws. It sets the general orientations, defines its objectives and priorities and ensures that they are in line with its mission. It forms the appropriate committees to attain the goals and objectives of the Association. It approves the general orientations of the subsidiaries, as well as their objectives and priorities.


Several committees – depending on the terms of reference formulated by the Board of Directors to which they must submit recommendations – study issues related to the business of the Association. Each committee has at least three, but usually five members, including at least one member of the Board of Directors.

Become a Committee Member!

To apply, please print and complete the enclosed form and return it as per the instructions at the bottom of the form. You may want to consult the enclosed a table for a summary of each committee’s information.

List of committees

Finance Committee Report Composition
Receive and explain the budget that will be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval. Ensure that management of financial matters complies with the policies and budget adopted by the Board of Directors and perform any verification considered useful. Examine the auditor’s report at the end of the fiscal year and the financial statements that will be subject to the attention of the Board of Directors, and the approval of the General Meeting. Recommend the appointment of auditors and the amount of membership fee.
Young Dentists Committee Report Composition
Determine and analyze the main obstacles faced by young dentists upon entering the job market and regarding which the ACDQ can intervene. Based on these observations, make recommendations to the Board of Directors so that the actions of the Association are better targeted and designed to meet even more adequately the needs that have been expressed.
Negotiating Committee Report Composition
Assist the Board of Directors and its representatives at the negotiating table in developing the demands that will be submitted by the Association when the agreements are renewed with the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS) concerning the practice conditions of dentists in Quebec’s health insurance system, regardless of their remuneration method and whether they work at an institution or office. Receive progress reports from the negotiating team and give it special guidance. Examine any new agreement in principle that the Association may enter into and make recommendations.
Nominating Committee Report Composition
To receive the candidacies of members who wish to participate in the activities of the various committees. To review the candidacies and make recommendations to the Board of Directors concerning committee membership.
Member Services and Communications Committee Report Composition
Suggest different professional or administrative services for members based on their needs and expectations. Make recommendations on the presentation and content of The Contact Point and website, as well as on the development of promotional materials to support dental offices.
Fee and Nomenclature Committee Report Composition
 To make recommendations to the Board of Directors on changes to be made to the Fee Guide for the Association’s dental generalist members. These recommendations deal with nomenclature, fees and their annual revaluation.